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Sequential Contractor+ Lamp

Introducing pi-lits® new standard in sequential guidance lamps. The Sequential Contractor+ Barricade Lamp uses a tested and proven plastic design that can withstand the toughest conditions on the roadway. The team at pi-lit® also designed a new, easy to use “Pairing” mode that makes syncing lamps even easier. Through experience and feedback of the old “Group Channel” system, the new “Pairing” mode allows users to seamlessly create a sequential taper without the worry of designating a “Group Channel”.

  • Low cost sequential barricade lamp

  • New group “pairing” mode

  • Traditional rugged plastic design

  • Efficient lens design for maximum brightness

  • Uni-directional for extended battery life and consistent mounting (single sided lens)

  • Long battery life (6+ months of continuous flashing)

  • Remote control capability

  • Meets MUTCD, ITE, and NCHRP-350 requirements

  • Light weight! - 2.6 lbs with batteries

  • Custom housing colors available upon request

Guidance today...autonomy tomorrow!

At 70mph drivers should not have to guess. Sequential flashing lamps are really "Follow Me" lamps that provide guidance to traffic navigating lane changes, delineators, equipment and personnel.

Reduce Driver Confusion

You've heard of the bull in a China shop? Well, what about a confused driver in a 2-ton vehicle traveling at 70mph approaching a work zone? Too many and too bright, existing warning lamps offer little help. Enter Pi-Lit Technology!

Calming through sequential guidance.

Sequential lamps do not have to be bright; the sum visual effect of moving lights is more effective.

Research confirms that drivers slow and conform to tapers more effectively.

Easy to deploy, low cost, and enhanced safety.

Worker safety is not by accident. Sequential guidance is one tool in a system designed to bring your crew home safely each night.

Smart Work Zone Technology - Low Cost Information

Pi-lit's ground truth technology seamlessly connects your work zone to the cloud and ITS systems. Centimeter level accuracy of your taper's location; know when your lane closure has been impacted. Deliver "Work Zone Ahead" to the dash of oncoming vehicles using automatic Waze and Google connectivity. And all this without additional cost.