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Giving your assets a voice. Monitor, Detect, Report, and Manage on a single platform.


Multiple assets at no additional cost! pi-lit®'s radio mesh network allows many sensors to report through a single cellular or fiber-cable gateway. Many-to-one: that's our secret sauce!

Critical Safety Devices to Monitor:

- Crash Cushions & end treatments
- Guardrails and cable barriers
- Signs (Gore, Stop, Yield, Chevron, Etc.)
- Railroad Crossing Gates
- Work zone delineators (barrels, cones, message boards)


Real-time alerts via text message or email when a road safety device is impacted. Nuisance impacts that otherwise would go unnoticed are now reported in real-time to ensure immediate inspection and repair.


Manage inspection, maintenance, and repairs from the dashboard. Capture critical asset tracking and manufacturer information for quick recall identification, spare parts required following impact, etc. Automatically pushes the attenuator’s location and information to the dashboard where maintenance and management can view and monitor key assets.


Generate reports of impact history by location and device. Data collection leads to useful information regarding comparative device performance, cost benefit by manufacturer, and safety analysis.

...and save money!

Whether crews are deployed to drive miles to inspect cable barriers, or your department relies upon "passive maybe" reporting, safety cannot rely on "maybe". Crew time is expensive, vehicle miles are expensive, and liability resulting from failure to inspect is expensive. Or you can choose the smart, pennies-per-day alternative: pi-lit® Asset Impact Management System AIMS™.

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