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Smart Work Zone Lamps designed for today's commuters and tomorrows autonomous vision

✓ Lamps that talk to each other
✓ Cloud enabled devices, - control and monitor from afar
✓ Crash cushions that send you messages
✓ Cones, barrels, K-rails, signs that tell you when their blown over

✓ Cones, barrels, K-rails that tell autonomous vehicles where they are
✓ B-Lamps that you can turn on or off from Peoria!
✓ Work zones that automatically notify Waze and Google Maps

Sequential Flares

Self-synchronizing; no searching for pre-numbered flares or having to program. It’s that easy! Sequential-flashing march provides enhanced safety and guidance not seen by other road flares.

Sequential Work Zone Lamps

Easy to deploy, only needing a push of a button to turn on and sync. The 5+ month long battery life and reliability will guide vehicles safely through your work zone night after night. There is a reason more and more states are requiring the use of sequential warning lamps in the work zone; It’s safer!

Smart Med-Evac Landing Zone Kit

pi-lit® LZ Kit includes radio-linked flares that contain both visible LEDs and infrared LEDs. The smart radio connectivity creates a "constellation" flash pattern, easily recognized by the flight crew, where all the flares flash in synchrony. The ground crew can easily change to a steady glow pattern by simply using one flare or a remote control.

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