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About Us

Located in Orange County, California, pi-lit® (Pi Variables, Inc.) is a technology company applying radio connected, IoT devices to improve roadway safety. Since 2013 our team has been developing, manufacturing, and supporting road safety products for the transportation and infrastructure industries. Core principles include U.S. made, attention to customer service, and an absolute commitment to stand behind our products.

Our Mission

To get you home safely every night!

Our products are assembled in our facilities in California and Arizona. Ninety percent of the components are manufactured within 3 miles of our facilities giving us a unique level of supply chain transparency and quality control that leads to more robust, reliable products. pi-lit® products are seen on roadways throughout the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea and the Middle East by a range of customers (law enforcement, fire, utility, transportation authorities, roadside assistance, etc.).

Our Technology

Our novel sequencing technology and IoT devices are based upon a network topology referred to as a "mesh". In this network architecture all of the nodes (lamps, sensors, etc.) are equal - no coordinator or followers. It is a decentralized network, each node or device acts independently of others. Our breakthrough innovation in applying mesh networking to road safety technology has resulted in 20 granted patents and this number is growing.

Derived from nature, our sequential-flashing patented "Flock" radio network mimics a school of fish or a flock of birds. In these scenarios there is not one "leader" of the pack, all the birds or fish can lead the group and communicate with the others to follow. This natural behavior creates the perception of a larger, organized entity that deters prey from attacking. A similar effect created by our technology guides drivers safely around work zones and incidents.

Our Patents

With over 200,000+ units sold worldwide, we are improving road safety through advanced warning and cloud technology. Approaching motorists and digital systems are provided with a clear, easy to understand directional warning when approaching a work zone, incident, or roadside assistance vehicle.

Our future...

...exploit the inevitable. Autonomous vehicles are here and now. And they need smart roads to approach acceptable safety standards. Enter pi-lit® with more highway network experience than any other IoT company. Our centimeter accuracy GNSS systems will be the standard beacon for AV mapping. Analogous to 3M® Post-it Notes, our lightweight, low-cost, tape-on devices mark and locate and communicate to the cloud through our mesh network.

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